Had a Close Encounter?

Here are the true stories of others who have had one too.

Have you been on a dive expecting to have fun but ending up having a really bad day? Does looking back at that dive still leave you with a queasy feeling in your stomach instead of a warm smile on your face?

Is there a particular dive you would rather not talk about - or even think about?

Consider writing up your experience and sending it to PsychoDiver. The “Close Encounter” stories are all personal accounts by SCUBA divers who have been involved in a dive incident.

Your incident may have involved something frightening or unexpected happening. You may have panicked. You may have been involved in the loss or death of a fellow diver. You may have been involved a rescue. It may have involved you or your buddy nearly drowning. It may have involved you experiencing an "out of air" episode or taking a DCI hit.

Most people do not appreciate how much a dive incident can affect us. After the incident often we say very little or stay silent. It can be difficult to talk openly about what happened. There is often a desire to minimize the impact of the incident. This is often combined with a mix of embarrassment or guilt over what happened. This reluctance to talk gets compounded when others respond by making fun, ridiculing or blaming us. Other folks may suspect we are having trouble with what happened but don't know what to say. It is easy to end up feeling alone and cut off from the help and support that can get us back to enjoying diving again.

If you have been involved in a dive incident, here is your chance to speak out, to tell your story. This is a way for you to safely tell what happened to you, what impact it had on you. If you haven't made it back into the water - this is a place to speak up about what is still troubling you or holding you back.

If you are back diving but you aren't comfortable, or you are having a hard time with some aspect of what happened - this is a place you can describe your experience without being criticized.

If you've gotten back to diving and you are enjoying it again - it's a place for you to tell how you got back to it: what you did, what others did that helped.

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To share your story: contact PsychoDiver

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