Psychological Services for SCUBA Divers?


You want to be comfortable when you are diving - right?

Psychological support and guidance can help you overcome old fears or current anxieties that interfere with your diving:

  • face-mask removal
  • fear of drowning
  • deep water
  • low-visibility conditions
  • current (incl. up and down-wellings)
  • darkness (incl. night diving)
  • confined spaces & overhead environments (incl. wrecks and caves)
  • heights (incl. walls)

If you run into trouble on a dive, you don't have to just live with the after-effects or give up diving. A psychologist with an informed background in SCUBA diving and appropriate clinical expertise can help you overcome stress reactions resulting from dive incidents:

  • Dive injury or near drowning (you or "buddy")
  • Death of "buddy" or fellow diver
  • Panic episode while diving
  • Decompression illness (DCI)
  • Equipment problem
  • Underwater task performance overload
  • Diving emergencies
    • "out of air" episode
    • entrapment
    • cramps
    • rapid ascent

There may not be a specific fear or incident you need to sort out. You may be curious if you can increase your bottom time by decreasing your air consumption. You may simply want to be more focused, more relaxed on your dives so you can enjoy your diving even more than you do now. If this is you, it is worth considering drawing on some of the knowledge and expertise psychology - as it applies to SCUBA diving - has to offer. ©1999-2020 Ladd & Co. Pro Services Corp.